Qube. Association

A story of hard work, ambition and a ton of passion. A group of youngsters willing to change the world in good.

What motivated us?

Education, or at least, interest for education, has always been one of society's most important areas of discussion. However, education has been facing a huge crisis recently: students don't feel motivated, are often agitated and can't concentrate fully. We still don't have a clear view on what education should focus on in relation to success or even moral values.

What role does STEM have?

Modern technologies have always been a point of interest for teens, even in the educational field. The STEM-A Concept ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Arts ) works on the basis of teaching students these four large domains by using a multidisciplinary and practice focus approach.

Educational Robotics

One of the most attractive directions for modern education is for sure Educational Robotics, direction that has been present more and more in schools around the globe. We embraced this new opportunity right as FIRST came to our country and we're now certain that education is no longer a lost cause between students. Passion has been found once again

The beginning

After our great performances that we had in the FTC Competition for the past 5 years, we felt that we could do more, that we could expand our contribution to a larger group of society. That's how Qube Robotics Association was born:

Out of love for education

An education where the student is the focus, where his skills and passions are cultivated, where he can develop his creativity and find the attachment for knowledge.

Our actions

We believe that our actions speak more than any anything else. Our projects will always be focused on supporting and promoting any form of education, putting our focus on the IT field where our expertise shines. We want to show everyone that knowledge is more than what we learn in school and that learning can and is fun. Only by having confidence in education can we aspire for a greater future.

Who are we?

We talked a lot about our motivation, our end goal and how we want to achieve it. We feel that we must present ourselves to you too so you too can have confidence in our work and vision. Founder members of our associations are professors at one of Bucharest most prestigious high-school: "Mihai Viteazul" National College with expertise in the IT, Technical and Managerial fields. Moreover, some alumni members of our robotics team joined to ensure that a full transfer of knowledge, mentorship and experience is made between young adults is made.

The people behind it all

We find that none of our work would have been possible without the support received from friends all over the community. We're grateful for them believing in us and we find it a huge source of motivation that other people think the same of our perspective over education. We're here to build together a better tomorrow

If you think that our cause is worth supporting, we'll gladly appreciate any help provided