Our work is who we are

The domains in which we involve ourselves best show how we want to change education as a whole. We try to make things interesting for students while also searching for skills that are needed now and that will be useful in the future too. Read down below to read about each.


Of course, our main interest is and will forever be robotics. This is how we started and this is the field in which we involve ourselves the most. We truly consider that robotics are the future in all ways possible and we want to be pioneers in the industry by turning students into full RobotCreators.
The main activity is of course First Tech Challenge, which on it's own extends itself to more than robotics, making students acquire a full set of skills such as: team-work, ambition, perseverance, patience; and that's without mentioning technical stuff like cad-design, engineering, building, electrical engineering and such.
However, what we enjoy most here is that the contest pushes us way beyond our "sciency" minds and searches for true values of any human-being: love, appreciation and support. The main prize ( The Inspire Award ) seeks for people who have shown their engineering skills but understand that their use is to be for community and for helping others.

Cyber Security

We took up our interest in this field when Mihai, one of our members, started a cryptography course after learning just the very basics of robotics and being fascinated of software and hardware. After his first CTF ( Capture The Flag ) he was certain that this was what he was meant to do and after 3 years he's now the youngest certified cyber-security expert in the world.
Willing to teach other teenagers about this field, he organised two contests: UNbreakable Romania, a competition for students of all ages that wish to learn more about CyberSecurity, and X-MAS CTF, an international clash between newcomers in the field that takes place annually and is in top 20 most played events in the world.
And this is just the beginning, with our help and his expertise, we wish to promote cybersecurity to all students and raise awareness about the relevance of data safety. With a world more digital than ever, keeping information safe is at upmost importance.


The new generation faces a huge problem that we are all responsible to deal with: the environmental crisis. We must all unite in the goal of restoring our planet's health and our association sees how important that is.
Our first involvement in ecology started with the project: "Building Passion with Robotics", supported by Bucharest's City Hall in which all members of our association helped clean the park of Colegiul National "Mihai Viteazul".
Afterwards, we promoted the importance of ecology to hundreds of students by creating the "ECO-ROBOT" activity. There, we had workshops and lectures about technology focused on the environment. We created a recreational space for students composed of recycled materials and vertical gardens with irrigation systems based on humidity and oxygen sensors.
These projects really proved to us that helping the environment can truly be fun and that we can find creative ways to help our planet and we want to show other students this exact same idea in our future activities.


Passion for robotics has always determined our students to follow their dream but was never sufficient without constant work and dedication. Volunteering has always been the term that defines people who want to do good in the world without expecting anything else in return. Doing things our of your own heart can truly prove to boost creativity and originality in anyone's life. Along the years, our association has found noumerous ocassions in which to help other people in dire need, either by helping children with special needs with the yearly "Smile in the Box" activity or by partenering with bigger associations such as Save the Children to raise donations and spend time with children with medical issues. In all these activities we learned to be humble, to appreciate. our life as it is and to help the ones that were more unfortunate than us. More than anything, volunteering is the activitiy that feeds the soul.


The above mentioned "Building Passion with Robotics" activity started at the same time the global pandemic hit it's mark in our country too. In that moment, the teenagers in our association faced the challenge of displaying their creativity and originality in an online remote environment.
Motivated by the constant need of sanitary resources and by the rapidity of the virus, they started offering a small helping hand by manufacturing protection masks for workers in the health industry. Then, one of the first big projects in the sanitary field was the design and building of a mechanical ventilator fully made by 3D printable materials.
Following these activities, our campaign for awareness continued by creating lectures with health specialists that would spread information to students about subjects that varied from having a healthy lifestyle to the future of medical robotics and even the use of Artifical Intelligence in the Sanitary Field.